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Lights Internet Services

 Now in its 25th year of service to the greater Portland area and the people of Maine, Northern Lights offers the region a locally owned gateway to the Internet. Having offered Internet Email and Usenet News since 1984, Northern Lights lays claim to being the oldest Internet Service Provider in Maine. We hope you'll become a part of our Maine tradition.

Northern Lights provides
dial-up access for the
following Maine cities,
towns, and regions:


We Stand

 Portland; Bath; Brunswick; Lewiston; Rockland and the Western Penobscot Bay area; Augusta; Bangor; Wiscasset; and the Casco Bay Islands. (Not an exhaustive list of Maine regions served.)

 Through affiliation with several national networks, Northern Lights offers local dial-up internet access in more than 7,000 locations nation-wide and in Canada.

 Dial-Up Accounts. . .(Check a coverage map for access numbers in the U.S. and Canada -- no need to login on the page that will be shown.)

 Web Hosting Services
 For more info via our auto-responder send e-mail to: info@nlis.net
 OR you may call 207-712-4009 .

 Payments by Credit Card (PayPal)

 Northern Lights WebMail

 Read, delete, and send email using your Northern Lights account from any web browser.
(Ideal for traveling Northern Lights users, whether in Borneo or Boston, using any Internet-connected computer with a web browser.)

 Highlighted Area Businesses

 Visit some of the businesses making up our business district.

 Community Organizations and Services

 Some of our area medical and educational services.

 Personal Home Pages

 Meet some of the people using Northern Lights Internet Services and learn some of their favorite WWW sites.

 Our LIVE Chat Room

 Meet your friends in our live chat room. Works great with your Mozilla FireFox or Internet Explorer web browser.

 Maine's Oldest IBM Compatibles BBS

 If you're interested in a nostalgic visit to an early bulletin board system, our old PCBoard-based BBS is still available.
 Click the link above for info on how to visit the Northern Lights BBS.


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