The Joseph A. Caulder Collection
Past Rotary International Director 1928-29   -  Regina, Sask., Canada

"Eyewitness to Rotary International's First 50 Years"


JOSEPH A. CAULDER - An eyewitness to Rotary International's first 50 years.

Album 1 - Page 120 Canadians on the RI Board

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W.  J. Clubb Winnipeg Vice-Pres. 1912-13
F. J. C. Menlove Winnipeg Vice-Pres. 1913-14
Wm. A. Peace Toronto Vice-Pres. 1913-14
Wm. A. Peace Toronto Vice-Pres. 1914-15
Frank Higgins Victoria Vice-Pres. 1914-15
W. S. Archibald Winnipeg Director 1914-15
Chas. N. Butcher Halifax Director 1914-15
Rev. E. Leslie Pidgeon Vancouver 3rd Vice-Pres. 1915-16
Rev. E. Leslie Pidgeon Winnipeg 3rd Vice-Pres. 1916-17
Rev. E. Leslie Pidgeon Winnipeg President 1917-18
Rev. E. Leslie Pidgeon Winnipeg Immed. Past Pres. 1918-19
No representative from Canada
Dr. Crawford C. McCullough Ft. William 1st Vice-Pres. 1920-21
Dr. Crawford C. McCullough Ft. William President 1921-22
R. Jeffrey Lydiatt Calgary Director 1922-23
John J. Gibson Toronto Director 1923-24
Alex R. McFarlane Vancouver Director 1924-25
C. J. Burchell Halifax 3rd Vice-Pres. 1925-26
James W. Davidson Calgary 3rd Vice-Pres. 1926-27
Jos. S. Royer Quebec Director 1927-28
Joseph A. Caulder Regina Director 1928-29
David M. Wright Stratford Director 1929-30
T. A. Torgeson Estevan Director 1930-31
John Nelson Montreal 3rd Vice-Pres. 1931-32
James H. Beatty Victoria Director 1932-33
John Nelson Montreal Pres. R.I. 1933-34
J. J. Allen Ottawa Director 1933-34
Chas. E. Hunt St. Johns, Newf. Director 1934-35
John Nelson Montreal Immed. Past Pres. 1934-35
W. W. Emerson Winnipeg Director 1935-36
Wm. J. Cairns Toronto Director 1936-37
Percy B. Scurrah Victoria Director 1937-38
W. R. Allen Montreal Director 1938-39
Geo. O. Spencer Moncton, N.B. Director 1939-40
C. Albert Oulton Saskatoon Director 1940-41
Arthur S. FitzGerald Windsor 3rd Vice-Pres. 1941-42
Norman G. Foster Ottawa Director 1942-43
Harold W. McKiel, Sackville 3rd  Vice-Pres. 1943-44
Oliver C. McIntyre Edmonton Director 1944-45
Dr. Geoffrey A. Wheable London, Ont. Director 1945-46
Wm. R. Dowrey Vancouver Director 1946-47
Arthur Lagueux Quebec Director 1947-48
Gordon E. Perdue Oakville Director 1948-49
Thos. C. McNabb St. John, N.B. Director 1949-50
Arthur Lagueux Quebec Pres. R.I. 1950-51
Wm. R. Macarthur Winnipeg Director 1950-51
Arthur Lagueux Quebec Immed. Past Pres. 1951-52
Gordon A. Beaton Markdale, Ont. Director 1951-52
Percy W. Turner Charlottetown Director 1952-53
Hec. E. Carrier Saskatoon Director 1953-54
Kenneth G. Partridge Pt. Credit, Ont. Director 1954-56

Note  --   Rev. E. Leslie Pidgeon served four consecutive years on the Board. In the year 1914-15 Canada had 4 men on the Board; Peace, Higgins, Archibald and Butcher.

In the year 1919-20 Canada had no representative on the Board.

The name of the National Association of Rotary Clubs, adopted at the first convention in 1910, was changed at the Duluth convention in 1912 to International Association of Rotary Clubs owing to the Winnipeg Club being organized in November 1910. In 1922 the name was changed to Rotary International.


Correction -- The first four names listed as Board members W.J. Clubb - F.J.C. Menlove - Wm. A. Peace and Frank Higgins were Area Vice Presidents, for extension purposes, but not members of the I.A. of R.C. Board

Chas. Butcher and W. S. Archibald 1914-1915 were the first Board members from Canada.


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