The Joseph A. Caulder Collection
Past Rotary International Director 1928-29   -  Regina, Sask., Canada

"Eyewitness to Rotary International's First 50 Years"


JOSEPH A. CAULDER - An eyewitness to Rotary International's first 50 years.

Album 1 - Pages 155-56 - Lloyd Hollister; Treasurer 1958-


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Lloyd Hollister

Treasurer 1958-


Joe Caulder Remembers


Another case of always being able to find the man for the job. Wilmette is joined to Evanston. When Richard E. Vernor, Treasurer of Rotary International, passed away suddenly on June 3rd, 1958, a new Treasurer had to be found. Again it must be a man close to headquarters and with the necessary background and capable and willing to give freely of his time.

Such a man was close at hand, qualified and willing in the person of Lloyd Hollister. He was a member of the Board of R.I. at the time and with another year to serve. He was also Chairman of the Foundation Fellowship and International Student Exchange Committee.

He takes over following fine service by Elmer A. Rich, Mac Martin, Rufus Chapin and Dick Vernor. Silvester Schiele had filled in on a temporary basis between Rufe Chapin's passing and Dick Vernor's appointment.

Wo now Lloyd, good luck for many years to come.


Note - The Treasurer of R.I. gets a salary of $1.00 per year and always hands it over to the President to be used for some good purpose.

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