The Joseph A. Caulder Collection
Past Rotary International Director 1928-29   -  Regina, Sask., Canada

"Eyewitness to Rotary International's First 50 Years"


JOSEPH A. CAULDER - An eyewitness to Rotary International's first 50 years.

Album 2 - Page 93-94: Mead - Gundaker Luncheon

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What a great pair! Rotary Presidents 2 and 13. In 1959 Guy is still with us. Glenn has departed but he left many thousands who knew him and loved him. Glenn Mead of Philadelphia followed Founder President Paul Harris.

During the years when these men were trying to shape Rotary's future, wise leadership was required. In 1923-24 another man from Philadelphia, the "City of Brotherly Love" was to head and lead Rotary to greater heights. Guy was elected at St. Louis in 1923 and wound up his year at that great Convention in Toronto in June 1924. He left his mark. His work on helping write over 100 Codes of Ethics for business was a job that needed doing. His beloved wife Ann, along with Ann Brunnier of San Francisco, were the first two "Rotary Anns" so christened at the Houston Convention in 1914.

Glenn and Guy, both from Philadelphia, and two great Rotarians.

J. A. C.

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