The Joseph A. Caulder Collection
Past Rotary International Director 1928-29   -  Regina, Sask., Canada

"Eyewitness to Rotary International's First 50 Years"


JOSEPH A. CAULDER - An eyewitness to Rotary International's first 50 years.

Album 2 - Page 87: Rotary Club of Tolo, Halsinki

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Formerly Viipuri

Finland District 69.

This Rotary flag and this club of Toolo, Finland is unique in Rotary history. Back in pre-war (World War II) days the town of Viipuri in Eastern Finland had a fine Rotary Club. Then Russia overpowered little Finland after the Fins had put up a very bitter fight and made the victory (so called) very expensive for her big brutal neighbor. However Finland had to accept defeat and make the best settlement possible.

Russia demanded a large chunk out of S. E. Finland. This area lay close to Lenningrad and Russia wanted some protection for this important city which once was St. Petersburg. There were 500,000 Finnish people in this area and it included Viipuri.

These 500,000 were all moved to Helsinki, or close by Helsinki. Every house where there was a spare room had to be given to a refugee family. It was an amazing job of mass migration.

The Viipuri Rotarians asked for and were granted the right to move to a suburb of Helsinki and they did so and moved the Rotary Club, lock, stock and barrel and the new club became the Rotary Club of Toolo and has flourished since it was transplanted. This explains the flag shown on the opposite page [aboe].

Not even war could make these courageous people give up Rotary.


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