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Past Rotary International Director 1928-29   -  Regina, Sask., Canada

"Eyewitness to Rotary International's First 50 Years"


JOSEPH A. CAULDER - An eyewitness to Rotary International's first 50 years.

Album 1 - Pages 51-52-50:  Sydney Pascall, 21th President

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Sydney Pascall

Rotary's 21th President





By:   T. A. Warren - Past President Rotary International,

        Bournemouth, England

From-The Rotarian, October 1949

The keen and friendly Briton who led Rotary in 1931-32 is gone.

Sydney Woodroffe Pascall, C.B .E., J.P. - industrialist; successful soldier in World War I; home guard in World War II; expert in industrial relationships; Past President of Rotary International; county councillor; justice of the peace; stanch upholder of many grand causes; ad infinitum - a worthy life indeed!

It has been grand to know Sydney Pascall through these eventful years. If it be true that we humans are very much the product of our experiences, then this friendly, humorous, wise, well-informed cosmopolitan surely has enriched the lives of a multitude.

Here was a Rotarian who could let his nearest neighbors see his badge and not be afraid; a man by his very nature courteous and considerate throughout all the industrial, social, and political controversies that formed so great a part of his unusually varied life. Sydney Pascall remained, however heated an argument, his calm and friendly self even to those passionately presenting the opposite view. One's genuinely smiling critic is a hard nut to crack, and Sydney and I didn't always agree by any manner of means!

As a youth he entered the sugar-confectionery manufacturing business founded by his father, and retained his intimate connection with it. For many years he was chairman and managing director, but later devoted himself mainly to organizing the industry as a whole. Chairman of the Employers' Consultative Committee of Trade Boards, past president of the Manufacturing Confections' Alliance - these are merely selections from the cards he was given in the realm of industry as a whole. He had been vice-president of the far-reaching Federation of British Industries, and he represented Rotary International at the World Economic Conference at Geneva in 1927.

Yes! Vocational Service had real meaning for Sydney Pascall. Only his deeply felt passion for world understanding and accord transcended perhaps his personal crusade for harmony and justice in the world of work. And how unremittingly he did fight for those causes that were of the warp and weft of his very being!

Joining the London Rotary Club in 1919, he later held practically every high office Rotary International could bestow. His successful Presidency of Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland in 1926 proved an excellent training for the outstanding occasion when in historic Vienna in June, 1931, he was elected President of Rotary International for 1931-32.

Of what might be called his special occasions, a whole volume could be written. One such occasion may perhaps be recalled to illustrate the variety and richness of this life devoted mainly to the public weal. That always interesting body the International Service Committee of District 13 (London and environs) retained its vitality during the strains of the war. Among other adventures, it visualized youth exchange on a world scale. The presence of the exiled European Governments in London offered a unique prospect. A vigorous campaign and much hard work followed, and on June 15, 1952, a conference on postwar problems affecting the youth of all nations was held in London. Twenty-three representatives or observers from Europe and other Governments attended, plus educational and youth organizations, International Labor Office, British Council, Rotary International, and numerous others. The appointment of the right chairman clearly meant much to such a gathering. The man chosen was Sydney W. PascalI, and he contributed greatly to its undoubted success.

One could go on, but thankful indeed for auld acquaintance, we bid au revoir to our friend Sydney - rejoicing in the retrospect of a life fully lived, and glad we were passing this way at the same time.

[Reprinted by Permission]



Joseph A. Caulder



Sidney was President of R. I. in 1931-1932. He had been President of R. I.B.I. in 1926-1927. He was a candy manufacturer with world-wide distribution. He served both R.I. and R.I.B.I. well. He had, for many years, been a regular visitor to Canada as his firm had important business connections in Canada. We were in England in 1949 and called Sidney on the phone and had a long chat but arranged to meet in London and carry on our discussions when we returned from the Continent. Unfortunately Sidney passed away suddenly on August 4th and we got back too late. He was a kindly, forthright, gentleman.

J .A. C.



Mitcham, Surrey, England

President, Rotary International, 1931-32

Deceased: 4 August, 1949

At the time of his death, Sydney W. Pascall was a Director of James Pascall Ltd., manufacturing and export confectioners of London and Mitcham, England. Born at New Malden, Surrey, he was educated at the Whitgift School in Croydon, and at Bishop's Stortford. He was a Justice of the Peace for the County of London, and, from 1943 to 1949, he was a member of the Surrey County Council. He held the honorary military rank of Major in World War I, and, in World War II, he was a Corporal in the Home Guard.

Mr. PascalI became a member of .the Rotary Club of London in 1919. He was the representative of Rotary International to the World Economic Conference in Geneva in 1927. In 1925-26, he was Vice-President of Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland, and was it's President in 1926-27. He was Honorary Treasurer and a member of the General Council for Rotary International in Britain and Ireland from 1938 to 1942. He was active in Rotary International as President (in 1931-32), Director, Rotary Foundation Trustee, and as chairman and member of numerous 'committees.

He had been President of the Manufacturing Confectioner's Alliance and was instrumental in the formation of the British Manufacturing Confections' Export Union and in the inauguration of the British Association of Research for Sugar Confectionery, Chocolate, and Jam Trades. He served as Chairman of the Industrial Section of the Food Manufacturer's Federation, representing that body on the Executive Committee of the British National Council of the International Chamber of Commerce. He had been a Vice-President of the Federation of British Industries, and was a member of the Wages Council. He was Chairman of the Sugar Confectionery (War-Time) Trade Association, the Confectionery Trade Council, and the Employers' Side of the Joint Industrial Council for he Chocolate and Confectionery Trades. He was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire in the 1948 New Year's Honours List.

From Rotary International,

35 East Wacker Drive,

Chicago 1, Ill., U.S.A..

March 1954.

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